Launching Into Your Fears

Helping someone you care about to get “launched” out into the world can be hard when they don’t feel prepared for what may come next.  Growth, change, maturity all come with a price and a responsibility that many feel overwhelming compared to the comfort of just hanging out, or maybe it is better said as hiding out on the coach or in your old bedroom.  Even the bravest soul can have doubts and fears when faced with an unknown situation and the prospect of moving out into the world is as scary as it gets.  The point most people need to realize, and even embrace, is that it’s okay to feel that way and in truth it is even a normal reaction.  These feelings come from an ancient part of the brain geared towards survival.  They are raw, basic, primitive, and for the most part helpful in creating a hyper-vigilance for your success if it is focused as motivation toward reaching your goals.  There is no shame in being scared.  How many times have you heard someone say after some heroic event that they were not being brave, in fact they were scared sh*tless but claim that they did what anyone else would do in that situation.  Most of us have come to realize that bravery is not about being fearless but about facing your fears and doing it anyway.  The key to moving through your fear is by just moving forward one step at a time with each step building your self-confidence.  Another way to continue building self-confidence is through knowledge.  Knowledge can abolish fear by abolishing the unknown. This will lead to an expanding world of possibilities and freedom to stretch out you arms and reach for your share of a bigger life.  A life you get to build however you want it to be by making one informed discussion at a time.





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